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Mexican Recipes!

Refried Beans

Made with simple ingredients that you’ll already have in your pantry, this vegan frijoles refritos recipe is so much better than store-bought.


Filled with delicious cilantro lime rice, chipotle black beans, and a heavenly avocado sauce, these perfectly wrapped Mexican taste bombs are an awesome snack or light meal.

Vegetarian Chili

Whether it’s for festive gatherings, potlucks, or just a quiet evening at home, this dish is sure to be a hit.

Cheese Quesadilla

Picture this: a perfectly crispy, golden brown quesadilla with melted cheese oozing out of every corner.

Cilantro Lime

Say goodbye to long lines and hello to delicious homemade Mexican food.

Tortilla Pizza

Not only is it quick to prepare, but you can also use whatever toppings you have on hand to make it your own tasty creation.

Chipotle Corn Salsa

This vibrant and versatile salsa is a burst of sweet corn, tangy lemon and lime, and smoky roasted poblano pepper goodness.

Birria Tacos

Delicious tacos, stuffed with slow-cooked, savory, and flavorful meaty oyster mushrooms, and served in a delicious corn tortilla.


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